Welcome to the Fuel Efficiency Automobile Test Data Center

This site provides access to much of the remote sensing work Don Stedman's group at the University of Denver has been involved in since 1987. That work includes emissions data collected to date in 21 countries around the world and in more than 30 US locations.

Emissions data from planes, trains and automobiles along with heavy-duty trucks, snowmobiles and snowcoaches can be found following the links to the left. Where available, reports and links to pertinent publications will be provided to support the databases. All database files are provided in a zipped format and the documents are in the portable document format (pdf). If your looking for something you can't find let us know and we'll try and add it to the site!

  • New light-duty emission report and database for Chicago, IL
  • New ES&T publication on heavy-duty truck emissions and databases for California fleets
  • New light-duty emission report and 2015 database for Los Angeles, CA

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