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The International Council on Clean Transportation is now using remote emissions measurements to inform vehicle buying decisions in Europe. The TRUE real-world passenger vehicle emissions rating system.

Don Stedman's 1995 University Lecture

Don Stedman's 2002 Independence Institute Paper

Bridges Unlimited LLC - an environmental and engineering consulting firm dedicated to improving air quality through technically sound and economic pollution prevention, reducion and control.

Institute for Environmental Solutions - a Denver-based non-profit organization which develops practical, effective scientific solutions to complex environmental problems.

Light-duty Vin decoder - decodes vehicle vins

Heavy-duty Vin decoder - decodes big truck vins

Regression to the Mean - a good tutortial on an important statistical phenomenon that occurs whenever you have a nonrandom sample from a population and two measures that are imperfectly correlated.

Yellowstone National Park Winter Vehicle Use and Air Quality - National Park Service page that has attempted to collect all of the various winter air quality research conducted recently in the park into one location.

The History of Measurements - A little piece about why we measure things.

Interesting Publications by others:

BP Statistical Review of World Energy, June 2018.

Vehicle Inspection Instrumentation, H. Hoshizaki, A. D. Wood and D. D. Kemp, Lockheed Palo Alto Research Laboratory, Final report to the California Air Resources Board, June 1973.

The following three reports are provided with permission by the Coordinating Research Council and are subject to their terms and conditions as posted on their web site (

Measurement of on-road vehicle emission factors in the California South Coast Air Basin: Volume I regulated emissions, M.N. Ingalls, L.R. Smith and R.E. Kirksey, Final report to the Coordinating Research Council, June 1989.

Measurement of on-road vehicle emission factors in the California South Coast Air Basin: Volume II unregulated emissions, M.N. Ingalls, L.R. Smith and R.E. Kirksey, Final report to the Coordinating Research Council, Oct. 1990.

Review and reconciliation of on-road emission factors in the South Coast Air Basin, A.W. Gertler, W.R. Pierson and J.G. Watson, Final report to the Coordinating Research Council, Jan. 1991.

On-road vehicle emission factors from measurements in a Los Angleles area tunnel, M. N. Ingalls, Southwest Research Institute, presented at AWMA 82nd Annual Meeting and Exhibition, June, 1989.

Quantifying the effects of oxygenated gasoline on cold start automobile emissions using remote sensing, J.L. Bridges and W.C. Hanna, PRC Environmental Management, Inc. presented at AWMA Int. Symposium on Optical Sensing for Environmental Monitoring, Oct. 1993.

2000 California I/M Review Committee SmogCheck Report
    Executive Summary
    Part I: Background Information
    Part II: Overview of Vehicle Emissions
    Part III: Appendix A-D
    Part III: Appendix E-F
    Part III: Evaluation of the Enhanced Smog Check Program
    Part IV: Smog Check Costs and Cost Effectiveness

Cato Institute: The Smog Reduction Road: Remote Sensing vs. the Clean Air Act.

California Bureau of Automotive Repair: Remote Sensing Device High Emitter Identification with Confirmatory Roadside Inspection, 2001.

Environmental System Products: CRC E-56 Study Response for USEPA, 2005.

Jacques Lemair: How to select efficient diesel exhaust emissions control strategies for meeting air quality targets in 2010?, 2007.

Heavy-duty diesel inspection and maintenance pilot program, Texas A&M Transportation Institute, 2013.

Greater Vancouver regional district remote sensing device trial for monitoring heavy-duty vehicle emissions, Envirotest Canada, 2013.

Beyond a One-Time Scandal: Europe's Ongoing Diesel Pollution Problem, for Environmental Health Perspectives, Jan. 2016.

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