Current Sponsors

California Air Resources Board - Supporting on-road emission measurements of light-duty vehicles at the West LA site.

Coordinating Research Council - Supporting on-road emission measurements (son and grandson of E-23) of light-duty vehicles in Chicago, IL, Denver, CO and Tulsa, OK and other emissions related research projects.

Previous Sponsors

AMAX Foundation
American Petroleum Institute
The Bosack & Kruger Foundation
British Airways - Aircraft measurments
California Air Resources Board - 89, 91 and 2008 studies
The California Bureau of Automotive Repair
The Clean Snowmobile Challenge 2000 & 2002
Colorado Department of Health
Colorado Department of Transportation - The Smart Sign
City of Colorado Springs - Ute pass study
Colorado Office of Energy Conservation - funding that started it all
Colorado State Auditors Office - I/M study
Conoco, Inc. - The Smart Sign
Coordinating Research Council - E-23
Denver Regional Air Quality Council
Desert Research Institute, Nevada
Environmental Protection Division, Hong Kong
ERG, Inc. - Texas and Arizona work.
Federal Highway Administration - The Smart Sign
Ford Motor Company
General Motors Corp.
HKH Foundation
IAS American Hellenic Society for Advanced Studies, Greece
Illinois Department of Energy and Natural Resources - 89 & 91 studies
Indian Nations Council of Governments
Instituto Mexicano Petroleo
Ken Barr
Los Alamos National Laboratory - Mexico City
The National Science Foundation
The National Park Service - Snowmobile and Snowcoach studies
National Environmental Research Institute, Denmark
National Renewable Energy Laboratory - Heavy-duty truck emissions studies
Oekoscience, Switzerland
Ontario Department of Transportation, Canada
City of Provo - Provo repair study
Rocky Mountain Oil and Gas Assoc. - Oxy-fuel study
Royal Auto Club of Victoria, Australia - Australia study
Shell Development - Provo repair study
Shell Oil - Asia and European measurements
Skyline Products, Inc - The Smart Sign
South Coast Air Quality Management District - Heavy-duty truck emissions
Southern Oxidants Study - Tunnel work
Steven & Michelle Kirsh Foundation
Swedish Institute for Air and Water Pollution
Systems Applications, Inc.
Systems Control
The Texas Commission on Environmental Quality - Denton/Collin county
Total Oil Company
Transport and Road Research Laboratory, U.K.
United Kingdom Royal Automobile Club - UK studies
United States Agency for International Development
United States Department of the Interior - Snowmobile studies
United States Environmental Protection Agency
Utah Department of Environmental Quality - Provo repair study
Utah Energy Office - Provo repair study
Utah Petroleum Association - Provo repair study
University of Denver
Waters Foundation - Provo repair study
West Virginia University - Continued heavy-duty truck measurements at Peralta.
Western Regional Biomass Energy Program - Snowmobile study
World Bank - Monterrey, Mexico
World Wildlife Fund - Provo repair study

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